How To Exit The Beta Version Of Minecraft

Are you trying to exit the beta version of Minecraft? Well, it is quite simple to do, provided you know the right steps for the same. Minecraft lets you sign up for the test for Xbox One, Windows, and Android to try out the latest games launched on the platform in advance. However, there are some restrictions on users participating in the games like unable to access Realms mode and play with friends who haven’t joined the beta version. Moreover, the trial version is no that stable too. Those who are playing the beta version can’t be taken to the traditional Minecraft game as well. So, if you are done playing the beta version and now looking to exit it, then read on.

With the beta version of Minecraft, users can experience the future update, which is going to reshape the fearsome dimension of Nether. With the new update, several biomes will come to the Nether such as Warped Forests, Crismon, and Soulsand Valleys with each having its unique visual identity along with new blocks and items for game lovers to discover.

Users will also come across new creatures with the rollout of the update. Nether will be inhabited by piglins, which are creatures that look exactly like pigs. Then, there is a beast Hoglin, which is the source of food, but it is dangerous as well since it is powerful enough to throw the player in the lava.

If you have played the trial version and now want to exit the beta version of Minecraft, then you can easily do so by following the steps below:

How to exit the beta version of Minecraft

Step 1. The process begins with opening the ‘Xbox Insider Hub” app, which you have used for registering for the beta.

Step 2. After that, click on “Insider Content”.

Step 3. Click on the Minecraft Beta phase you wish to exit.

Step 4. Click ‘Manage’, an option that you can find below the beta description.

Step 5. Change the option to “Do not register” followed by clicking ‘Done’.

Step 6. Click “Accept” to confirm your exit from the beta version.

Step 7. It’s time to uninstall the game followed by downloading it again for playing the traditional Minecraft version.

This is how you can cancel your Minecraft beta participation and avoid playing the block game tests. Traditional Minecraft version has all the features that you need, so it is good that you return to the older version. In case, you are unable to cancel the beta subscription of Minecraft despite following all the aforementioned steps, then you can consult Minecraft support providers for quick and reliable assistance.

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